Quality Management System (QMS)

MMCLD adheres and is certified to Quality Management System (QMS) ISO 9001:2008 International Standard


What QMS means to MMCLD…

What QMS means to MMCLD can best be described as follows: It means MMCLD has a continuous improvement program in place which allows the organization to put into place policies, processes and procedures so that production is achieved via a proven methodology. This represents greater efficiency, lower risk, higher profitability and lower error rate. It also means that MMCLD does not have to put brain power into routine tasks — that brain power can be better utilized towards more innovative outcomes for our clients.

What QMS means to MMCLD clients…

MMCLD’s management perspective to what QMS means for the client is fairly simple: It means our clients are ensured of being provided value for money and they will be recipients of exceeded expectations. In summary, MMCLD clients experience low risk, greater consistency, high value, and predictable outcomes.

“With the pressures of a growing and successful business both nationally and internationally, it was critical to ensure that my clients were receiving VFM (Value for Money). In order to grow MMCLD, it was imperative that I could go about business and ensure that my organization was performing to my stringent standards. With pride — along with the talents of our dedicated staff — I can say we have achieved this and adhere to it on a daily basis.”

Cary Redstone, President
MMC Learning and Development Inc.