Financial Services

Financial Services

The financial services industry encompasses a broad range of organizations that manage money. This sector includes banks and credit unions, superannuation providers, insurance providers, investment managers, stockbroker and securities firms, credit card companies, consumer finance companies, and some government sponsored organizations.

Driven by financial imperatives, these organizations strive to provide products and services to their client base in the most efficient and effective manner to optimize productivity and competitiveness.

While procedural improvements and technology make a contribution to this process, the key to success is the professional development of staff. The most cost effective method of training staff is through the use of Technology Based Training (TBT).

MMCLD has accumulated significant experience in supporting the financial services industry having developed Premium Technology Based Training in areas such as:

  • Organizational Induction
  • Sales Training
  • Change Management
  • Compliance (i.e. Trade Practices and Occupational Health and Safety)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems (Implementation Training/Performance Support) focusing on areas such as:
    • Financial systems
    • Customer Relationship Management systems
    • Call Center systems
    • Human resources systems
    • Logistics Management systems

MMCLD Premium Technology Based Training — Representative Case Study

MMCLD developed a customized performance support tool for a major global banking institution to assist in their deployment of a new Call Centre ERP information management system. This support tool covers change management, incident reporting, problem investigation and knowledge management.

Prior to the deployment of this ERP system, MMCLD was commissioned to design, develop and deploy customized Premium Technology Based Training to support the launch of the new system.

MMCLD designed and developed this coursework by working closely with the organization under tight time frames within a rapidly changing environment. The client was looking for an organization that could provide the flexibility required to achieve their objectives while guaranteeing on-time deployment. MMCLD more than satisfied their requirements.

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