Volume TBT

Volume Technology Based Training

What is Technology Based Training?

Technology Based Training (TBT) includes product described elsewhere as “E-Learning, M-Learning, Computer Based Training or Computer Aided Instruction.” TBT is the integration of various digital media elements such as audio, video, images, 3D and interactivity into a consolidated state.

The integration takes place in accordance with the instructional design process. This results in training course work that can be taken by a learner  — at their pace — via technological means resulting in interactive and engaging performance support tools.

This is then delivered as a self-paced course or as a blended solution in support of a facilitated training program.

What is MMCLD’s Volume Technology Based Training?

What are the client’s ultimate objectives? Cost effective knowledge, skill acquisition and knowledge retention.

MMCLD receive requests from clients to supply large volumes of TBT where cost is extremely important and the subject matter is non-sensitive material. MMCLD has mature business relationships in neighbouring countries where the bulk of this development can be achieved at significantly reduced rates.

The difference here is that MMCLD continues to control the design and quality management phases of the process. Additionally, through MMCLD’s online development systems located in Sydney Australia, MMCLD is able to monitor the development of each product in real-time. This process ensures that our clients receive a quality product and value for money.

Please note that we do not offer this service to our Military Defence based clients.

Grading Levels of Technology Based Training

The industry we serve has graded the design of Technology Based Training into four levels — Level’s 1 through to Level 4 alternatively known within Defence as MILSPEC 1 through to MILSPEC 4. Within our Volume Technology Based Training platform, we offer the first three of the four levels as described below:




Level 1


The first level of interactivity is passive. In other words, the learner acts solely as a receiver of information

Level 2


The next level is defined as limited interaction. In these e-learning sessions, the learner makes simple responses to instructional cues.

Level 3


The third level is complex interaction. In complex scenarios, the learner makes a variety of responses using varied techniques in response to instructional cues.

MMCLD’s Analysis and Design

Throughout the creation and deployment of MMCLD’s Volume Technology Based Training platform, MMCLD utilizes best practices such as the ADDIE model. The ADDIE model is a proven methodology made up of five cyclical phases: Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate. These five cyclical phases represent the core of instructional systems design (ISD, for short).

MMCLD’s Management, Development and Quality Control

MMCLD utilises a collaborative development environment housed in Sydney Australia which enables MMCLD to manage with full control our content. This content that is being produced by our business partners, can be supplied in large capacity development at cost effective means.

While the core of the development occurs with our business partners, the collaborative development environment enables MMCLD to not only manage, but monitor in real time and step in where required.

While MMCLD is focused on Management and Development, it is also focused on quality control. MMCLD implements its ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System to enable our clients to receive a product that meets the quality control standards of MMCLD and therefore provide our clients the value for money.

MMCLD’s Deployment and Sustainment

MMCLD has significant industry experience with content deployment within Learning Management Systems (LMS). This has been accumulated by having to design and develop for the various Learning Management Systems within the market place stretching from custom LMS’s and open source LMS’s through to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) level LMS’s. MMCLD also offers its clients solutions within the LMS space with it's Open Source and commercial SASS products offering.

Sustainment is often forgotten by many and yet a critical part of the lifecycle of any TBT. MMCLD works with its clients to formulate a sustainment program that meets the life-cycle of their training investment.

Would you like to know more?

For more information on volume technology based training, please contact MMCLD to arrange a meeting and witness MMCLD’s proven capability.